Buttry and Associates, Inc.

Whom we serve

The legislative body in Tennessee is a fluid one. We elect all of our Representatives, and a third of our Senators, every two years. Combine that fact with the vast number of bills filed every legislative session, and it becomes evident that lawmakers in Nashville need dependable, honest input when considering new laws. The process is too complex for legislators not to seek expert opinions.

The stakes are too high for businesses not to have someone watching out for their interests as bills are being passed into law. Remember: “You’d better have a place at the table, or you’ll end up on the menu!”

We serve our clients through monitoring legislation and actively lobbying for responsible legislation that promotes a healthy economic climate in Tennessee.

Buttry and Associates, Inc. also serves members of the Tennessee legislature. With re-election always within 24 months, Representatives want to know if the laws they pass will benefit their constituents. By delivering sound advice and accurately forecasting outcomes from pending laws, Buttry and Associates, Inc. helps legislators be more responsive to the people who put them in office.